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Posted by Jim Woodman on October 21, 2011 | Comment (0)

Recognition Now or Pay Later

The good news today is that your top employees do not have many options out in the job market, the bad news is once it opens how quickly will they go?  We are all challenged by what is happening in today’s business; however it is important not to lose sight of the value of a good employee and ensuring that you are continually recognizing their value.  As with most companies offering cash incentives are not an option; however there are additional ways to show an employee how valuable they are to the company.  We all know that one of the Top reasons a good employee leaves an organization is that they do not believe the company values their work.

Corporate Recognition Programs have been around since the start of business, it used to be that if you got a key to the executive washroom you were moving up on the corporate ladder.  Today though you need to ensure that you are making your top employees realize the value they contribute to the company.  We all remember that 1st Trophy or Medal we got and how proud we were to show it off to all of our family and friends and look at it every night and think about how good we feel about ourselves.  The same sentiment holds true today.  Employees are just big kids now who want to show off not only their accomplishments but their sense of being valued.

Here is a small list of Recognition Programs that you can start implementing today:
• Most Efficient Worker (least amount of credits, mistakes, etc)
• Best New Marketing Idea (this will benefit the company as well)
• Employee of The Month

For each category you can offer a Trophy, Plaque or even Medals that they can showcase on their desk or will hang on the wall for all to see.  Whatever your Recognition Program comes out to be make sure it is celebrated by the company and that the employee knows their value is appreciated.

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