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Posted by Jim Woodman on June 23, 2011 | Comment (0)

The New Award Group Website

Welcome to the new website of The Award GroupTM.  The new website will focus on you, the customer and extending all of the experience and knowledge which the Award Group has gained over a combined 350+ years serving the Awards & Recognition industry.

The new website will be designed so you the customer can learn all facets for your awards and recognition needs.  This will include information on Product, including case histories, details and full gallery of custom products.  The Industry section will outline how awards and recognition products and programs relate to your specific needs.  Our Programs section, outlines the various types of recognition programs and how best to run them.

In addition to the above we will also continue to offer helpful information through our Blog, Newsletter, Whitepapers and much more.  We encourage you to continue to visit our website as well as our additional outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to keep up to date on all our news.

Thank You

The Award GroupTM


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