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Step #1: Contact Us

When you are ready to start the process please feel free to contact  us at any time via telephone or email with your inquiry.  The more information you have for us the better, so any thoughts you have on design, budget, quantity, and timing are helpful.

Step #2: Concept

When it comes to generating your concept, The Award Group has valuable experience and expertise to fulfill your needs.  With basic information about the event and your needs, we develop the idea that will become your award.

The following information is preferred, although certainly not necessary, when developing the concept:

Design: Do you have a vision for this Lucite? Is there anything unique about the client, the transaction, or the project name?Your knowledge and thoughts will help us customize the designs for you.

Budget: Since all Awards are custom-made, it is important that we create designs that fit into your price range.  In these initial stages, even a ballpark budget is helpful.

Quantity: Will you need 5 pieces, 10 pieces or 500 pieces? This provides accurate price estimates.

Timeframe: Is there an event?  If so, we can generate a timeline to insure you have the awards when you need them.

While these four pieces of information are helpful, we can always begin the process without them.

Step #3: Designs

We will create 2-3 designs based on the information you have supplied us with up to this point.  These designs will be emailed to you in PDF format for your review.

Step #4: Prototype

Once the design is finalized, we begin production of a prototype.  The prototype usually takes anywhere from 4 to 10 business days to produce and is delivered to your office for evaluation.  Upon viewing the prototype, we make modifications based on your feedback and then begin full production.

Step #5: Production

Once the prototype is received and any modifications are made, it is then time to produce the full order.

Step #6: Shipping

Upon completion, we can ship the final product directly to you or drop ship the pieces to each individual recipient.  We will ship the products with any available means to make sure they arrive in time for your event.    

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