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With one quick moment to shine, you want your award winner to feel the power of praise that will last a lifetime. The Award Group can help you develop a custom piece that is instantly recognized in your industry, organization or corporation. Your award will be a symbol of attaining goals and inspire others to strive for excellence.

Stage #1: Hand Drawn Sketches

Our team of designers work side-by-side with our sales force to sketch the first drafts of your award. The designers provide their artistic knowledge while the salesmen relay your needs. This combination allows each project to receive designs that are truly unique.



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Stage #2: Computer Designs

The hand-drawn sketches are then transformed into electronic PDF versions by the designer.  We provide you with a ¾ view of the piece as well as a front view and either top or side view.  This enables you to visualize and understand the design in its entirety.

Stage #3: Virtual Design

This stage of the design process is reserved for very special situations.  Our innovative U3 Proof technology creates a virtual rendering of the piece before it is manufactured.  This software is used when timing is critical and does not allow for the production of a sample. 

We will take the time to lead you through the process and take on all responsibility for the project.  We know that your job is exceedingly tough. That is why your dedicated sales associate will follow your project for you from start to finish. Our dedicated team of artists, craftsmen, customer service, and sales professionals are at your disposal to insure the smooth delivery of your recognition product.

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