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Association Recognition

Associations must recognize those members that aid their causes, which include education, government intervention, and industry innovation.

Non-Profit Recognition thumbnail

Non-Profit Recognition

Non-profit organizations inspire hope and gratitude when they honor their employees, volunteers, and affiliates.

Corporations thumbnail


Corporations should always honor valuable employees to encourage loyalty and foster productivity.

Education thumbnail


Education is empowering and those who value it – from students to teachers – must be recognized.

Health Care thumbnail

Health Care

To honor those individuals that excel in the health care industry is to encourage high standards and exceptional service.

Media/Entertaintment thumbnail


Eye-catching awards will set apart certain media and entertainment companies from their competitors and strengthen their brands.

Sports thumbnail


Exceptional sports awards inspire others to achieve greatness, solidify the bonds between teammates, and encourage future competition.

Government thumbnail


Those that serve our country, including congressmen, legislators, and civil servants, must be recognized for their achievements and contributions to our nation to continue motivating accomplishment.