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Education is empowering and it is the foundation upon which our nation is built. Society has assembled an integrated system for transmitting accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. Those who maintain and uphold this system – from students to teachers – must be recognized.

Student Recognition: The Diploma

The diploma is emblematic of ultimate achievement within education systems. It represents the qualifications of a student who has completed his or her course of study. Indeed, the diploma is perhaps the most prized award product and the foundation for all future awards in a person’s life. The Award Group produces impressive diplomas through flat printing, engraved printing, or thermography. Seals are attached to the documents by stamping or embossing and all documents are either hand or computer personalized. Our diplomas are affordable and unique and can be presented alone, in leatherettes, or in real leather folders.


Our exclusive online program, called iDiploma, offers you the opportunity to have your graduates receive their diplomas already framed. It not only eliminates the administrative drudgery of fulfillment, it creates a profit center for you from the sale of frames.  So ultimately we pay you to fulfill your diplomas!

Teacher and Employee Recognition

Effective teacher and employee recognition drives educators and administrators to strive for excellence. Recognition increases morale and encourages high levels of performance. This positively influences the students with whom teachers and employees interact, because the faculty becomes more engaged and involved.

Various teacher and employee recognition programs include:

  • Teacher/employee of the month awards
  • Length of service awards
  • Retirement awards

Ideal products for teacher and employee recognition include:

  • Plaques
  • Embedments
  • Trophies
  • Medallions
  • Certificates

Donor and Alumni Recognition

Donor recognition can increase your fundraising goals in three ways:

  1. Donor recognition expresses appreciation, which often inspires future giving from that donor.
  2. Donor recognition publicizes a person’s generosity and encourages others to behave similarly.
  3. Donor recognition products and programs advertise your organization and its mission.

One common approach to donor recognition is to set aside a wall, floor, or other surface upon which donors’ names might be inscribed. Such a monument inspires others to exhibit generosity. In addition to this, donors’ should also be recognized with individual, personalized products that they might display in their home or office.  This product will afford a donor a means of appealing to their peers for donations.


Board of Directors Recognition

Board members are vital to any non-profit organization and are charged with a number of responsibilities, including establishing mission statements, setting guidelines for policies and procedures, and acquiring sufficient resources to ensure organization operations. These individuals should always be celebrated for their contributions especially at the end of their term.

Because many board members have already achieved high levels of competency and won many awards, associations must present them with something truly unique. For the “person who has everything,” handwritten, personalized scrolls are an elegant and original way to say “thank you”, their accomplishment are stated and presented in a beautiful medium.

Additional education recognition needs might include:

  • Appointment or retirement of a school president
  • Appointment or retirement of a committee chairman
  • Various accomplishments by teachers, administrators, or other faculty members
  • Various accomplishments by students, including academic and athletic achievements
  • Various accomplishments by donors and alumni

Additional instances for recognition include:

  • Recognition of volunteers
  • Presentation of honorary degrees
  • Appreciation of convocation speakers
  • Recognition of guest lecturers
  • Presentation of continuing education and special course certificates

Our clients:

Some of our clients include Baruch College, New York University, George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Services, The New School, Boston College, The College Board, Yeshiva University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Cornell University, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, New York Medical College, University of Illinois and George Mason University.

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