Plaques thumbnail


Plaques are presented when an award will be displayed on a wall for all to see.

Trophies thumbnail


Trophies are bestowed when a three-dimensional, table-mounted awards is the preferred memento.

Embedments thumbnail


Embedments are similar to trophies but feature an item that is encapsulated in acrylic resin, also know as Lucite ® and Plexiglas ®.

Medallions thumbnail


Medallions, a symbol of achievement can stand alone or be the centerpiece for a plaque, trophy or embedment.

Scrolls and Certificates thumbnail

Scrolls and Certificates

Scrolls and Certificates are personalized, artistic documents that celebrate specific events. They can be used to affirm a particular achievement or validate a person’s qualification.

Emblematic Jewelry thumbnail

Emblematic Jewelry

A custom pin, ring or set of cuff links is a wearable recognition that displays an individual’s achievement.