Embedments are remarkable recognition products because they involve suspending objects inside of acrylic, a material that acts as a holding medium. This process creates unique, contemporary awards that produce interesting optical effects. Though embedments are similar to trophies, they allow for a different kind of creativity. The objects suspended in them serve as dioramas and often tell stories. Because of this, embedments are an ideal choice for organizations and individuals that are particularly creative or innovative.

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The Peabody Award

The Award Group designed this embedment for a client that wanted to display a medallion in an interesting, unconventional way. This particular award dated back to 1983, so the organization was seeking a way to update it and make it new. We took the medallion and suspended it in clear acrylic to create a unique piece. The effect was modern and polished. Most importantly, the intent behind the original award was still preserved. Thus, even the simplest of embedments elevates the sophistication level of a basic award.

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London Dance Contest

The Award Group created this piece for a famed British dance competition. For this embedment, we not only replicated the company’s logo, but replicated it in a manner that suggested movement and fluidity. In this way, the award alluded to the nature of the competition for which it was created. Mounted on a high, polished aluminum base, the tall, three-dimensional shape was both impressive and modern. Additionally, the presence of the competition’s logo reinforced their image while simultaneously celebrating the winner’s accomplishment.

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The Award Group designed this trophy for an innovative, avant-garde technology company. Their only request was that we feature a three-dimensional version of their logo, a series of haphazardly stacked blue hollow squares, prominently. We created the hollow squares from blue acrylic and suspended them in clear acrylic, which serves as an excellent holding medium. Though simple, this design affected a modern, unusual look that reflected the visionary nature of the company.

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Yeshiva University

These awards were created for an organization A well-known university employed The Award Group to create an award that they could present to their most generous donors. We designed a sleek trophy composed of metal and glass, in which we recessed a medallion. This award was particularly remarkable because we created different versions to honor different levels of donations, from $100,000 to $10 million. To do this, we simply varied the colors of the medallions and the colors framing the sides of the trophy. This allowed for versatility and personalization. The impressiveness of the design caused donors to feel truly appreciated and encouraged others to consider donating to the university.

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Time Warner/Berlin Wall

This keepsake was designed for a media company that believed that the fall of the Berlin Wall marked a new age of free expression and enlightenment. The company flew to Germany, collected pieces of the Berlin Wall, and brought them back to the United States. The Award Group embedded each piece in a Lucite cylinder, on the outside of which we printed a brief message about the company’s beliefs regarding the fall of the Wall. We also created different versions of the keepsake with different sizes of Wall pieces for different levels of recipients. The largest embedment contained a reproduction of a photo of the Wall from Time Magazine and was designed to actually look like a large piece of the Wall rather than a cylinder. By preserving tiny pieces of history indefinitely, The Award Group ensured that this event would not be forgotten through this unique remembrance.

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A well-known cosmetic company asked The Award Group to create an embedment that clearly represented their brand. To do this, our team designed perfect acrylic replicas of the company’s most popular eye shadow and lipstick. These items were encapsulated them in a three-dimensional Lucite rectangle. The products were highlighted as if they were “on stage” by a soft, cone-shaped spotlight also suspended in the Lucite. This image reflected the prominence and success of the company and its products. Here, we skillfully maintained the company’s brand identity and expressed it in an aesthetic, creative way.

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