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Emblematic jewelry is particularly unique, because it is wearable recognition. Because of this, it is often more precious to honorees than other types of awards. Where trophies, plaques, and other recognition products cannot be carried around on a daily basis, emblematic jewelry can. As a result, the bond between a person and his or her emblematic jewelry is incredibly strong. The Award Group designs and manufacturers gorgeous emblematic jewelry, including pins, rings, and cufflinks.

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The Award Group designed this pin for an organization comprised of exceptional maitred’s. They requested a recognition product that would reflect their extraordinary customer service. By creating a pin, which is worn in an obvious, prominent place, we guaranteed that anyone who saw the honored recipients would immediately know that they were in excellent hands. By using the society’s logo, we established a connection between that person and the organization. In this way, we were able to satisfy the organization’s needs at a relatively low cost.

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Northwestern University

This piece was designed for a university that wanted to recognize outstanding accomplishments in their executive education program. We designed two different versions of it that reflected two different levels of achievement. This feature encouraged those who received the lower level to strive for the higher level in the future. Each time they wore it, they were reminded of their previous accomplishment and simultaneously inspired to strive for more. The classic yet striking design established a sense of pride between both the wearer and the university.


A well-known infrastructure and development company asked us to design a wearable award that would recognize a particular years of years of service in addition to the stand up award that they presented. We created this unique piece that met their exact specifications. Through its simple design, we ensured that anyone who saw it would know the wearer had achieved great success and longevity within the company. The piece conveyed the loyalty and history between both the company and the honoree. It also established the wearer as a member of a renowned organization for all to see.

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