Medallions are excellent recognition products, particularly when you want to re-create an image in a distinct way. Though frequently coupled with ribbons and used at sporting events such as The Olympics, medallions can also be mounted on plaques or trophies, suspended within embedments, or presented alone. They are manufactured in a variety of metals, from bronze to real silver and gold. Because of this, they can be used to reflect different levels of achievement within larger recognition programs. Ultimately, medallions are a great choice for any award event.

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A leading financial investment institution commissioned us to create an executive gift that they could present to any potential investor that visited their exchange. We created a silver-plated medallion that reflected the prestige of the institution, something which every recipient would be proud to display to commemorate their visit. We also left space on the medallion so that the company could personalize it if they desired. This was an affordable way to fulfill the institution’s request. The unique design conveyed the company’s brand, while also allowing for personalization and flexibility.

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Bernard Baruch

This medallion was designed to recognize a generous couple who donated a major contribution to a college located in New York City. An image of the couple was imprinted on the medallion, which made it particularly personal. Indeed, medallions are an excellent way to immortalize and commemorate remarkable individuals. This medallion was classic and understated, yet also impressive. Because of the relative simplicity, we were able to stay well within the college’s budget.

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The Leukemia Society

A prominent cancer society asked us to create three different variations of an award that they could use to recognize different levels of generosity within their donor recognition program. To do this, we designed an elegant medallion that reflected an image of the society’s founding family member. The medallion came in three different finishes: bronze, silver, and gold; in addition each color was offered in a different mounting as well as the stand alone option. Each color represented a different grade of generosity. In this way, a broad number of people were celebrated while simultaneously encouraged to strive for the next level of achievement while branding the overall donor program.

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