Plaques are an excellent recognition product for a number of reasons. They are traditional and recognizable like trophies, yet often more understated and direct. Plaques are less vague than other types of awards because they can display great amounts of text. Thus, the accomplishment for which the recipient is being honored is always clear. Often hung on walls, they are incredibly visible. They also allow for creativity. Plaques come in different shapes, from squares to ovals to rectangles, and can be composed of a variety of materials including wood, metal, marble, glass, and acrylic.

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We created this award for an insurance company that requested that their logo be displayed prominently. This company recognized the dual purpose of recognition products: they simultaneously celebrate achievement and advertise the organization that presents the award. The Award Group fashioned this plaque from marble and metal. Both of these materials suggest stability and longevity, attributes often desired in insurance companies. On these materials, we mounted the company’s logo and inscribed the requested text. These elements combined to create a striking award that clearly conveyed the insurance company’s brand.

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The Award Group recognizes the importance of staying true to an organization’s brand, particularly for well-known clients. With this plaque, we actually took our client’s logo and recreated it in acrylic. We selected this material because it was the best medium with which to reproduce their logo and highlight their brand. We were able to maintain the font, color, and appearance exactly. Sometimes, an accurate, bold replication of an existing logo is all that is needed to create an impressive, memorable award. The Award Group can do this with confidence and finesse.

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The Award Group produced this plaque for a company that manufactures computer and electronic equipment hardware. The challenge was for us to manufacture a traditional award that still reflected the modern and innovative nature of their company. To do this, we produced a plaque using both metal and mahogany – the first, a material that creates a modern appearance and the second, one that creates a traditional appearance. By layering the materials, we created a plaque that perfectly fulfilled our client’s request: it fused the classic and the contemporary. The combined materials evoked a sense of stability, a quality that viewers of the award would likely associate with our client.

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The Award Group created this plaque for an electronics association that requested a particularly contemporary design. That which is most notable about it, however, is the ability to add date plates to the bottom of the award. The association planned to use this award to recognize its members at landmark years of membership. Rather than have them present the same award at each landmark, we were able to save the association money by creating an impressive plaque to which date plates might be added. Because the price of a date plate was far less than the price of a new plaque, The Award Group enabled the client to apply their savings to other needed projects.

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C. William Brownfield

One of our clients asked us to create a plaque that was traditional yet unique. Because the award was named after an influential individual in their organization, they also asked that his image be featured prominently. We were able to fulfill their request quickly and expertly. The Award Group created a plaque from pinewood and employed laser engraving to create the text and image. Because plaques are often made of wood, this piece evoked traditional sentiments. By using maple, however, which is unique and rarely used for plaques, we created a distinctive piece. Though simple, this plaque’s clean lines and classic appearance composed the perfect award for our client.

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