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Scrolls and certificates are ancient and prestigious products. The Award Group has extensive experience using them as recognition for special events. Our Ames and Rollinson division has been practicing the art of calligraphy for nearly 250 years. Virtually all of our scrolls are produced by hand and present beautiful words in aesthetically beautiful ways while our certificates are produced by both hand and/or computer. Scrolls are often more personal and recognize specific events while certificates typically signify that a person is “certified” in a given area. Both, however, are remarkable, elegant, and particularly unique.

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Baruch College

This scroll was created to honor a donor at a New York City college whose contribution allowed for the construction of a new building. Because the donor was so generous, the college requested something particularly unique. We crafted a hand-lettered, fully illuminated scroll that praised the donor’s accomplishments and kind spirit. This one-of-a-kind document also contained an image of the new building so that the donor would always be reminded of the fruit of his generosity. The elegant, impressive design ensured the donor that his gift was truly appreciated.

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State of NY Supreme Courts

The Award Group designed these certificates for the Supreme Court of the State of New York to honor new lawyers that passed their bar examination. Though we manufacture nearly four-hundred per month, each certificate is engraved printed and then personalized by hand. A seal and ribbon is adhered to each certificate to contribute to its authenticity and prestige. The striking, bold design ensures the recipient’s qualifications. We also offer mounting options that allows recipients to receive their certificate framed and ready to hang on their wall.

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This scroll was produced by the Ames & Rollinson, a division of The Award Group, paying homage and honoring the eighty-fifth birthday of Charles Lewis Tiffany.  This illuminated manuscript was present to Mr. Tiffany from his colleagues within his industry.  You will see a likeness of Charles Tiffany on the bottom left hand corner and representations of various crests and Tiffany buildings.  The hand engrossed, illuminated piece was matted and framed and presented to who was known as “AN HONORABLE GENTLEMAN”

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Gift of Hope

Our client, UAHC, came to us with a project to design something that would honor someone who donated to their “Teenage Suicide Prevention Program”.  After going over several possible scenarios we found a piece of art that spoke to the confusion and disarray some teenagers experience.  We then replicated and reduced the art to be the centerpiece of our framed and matted award.
As you can see with this example, The Award Group will confer with you and take your thoughts and ideas and translate them into a product you will be proud to present.

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Length of Service Award

This Award Group designed this certificate for a company that was employing a “Length of Service” recognition program. Because we created different versions of the certificate, the company could honor its employees at various benchmarks, including five years, ten years, twenty years, etc. These certificates inspire loyalty and gratitude in employees, who feel that their hard work is appreciated. They also encourage employees to remain devoted to their companies and strive for the next level of achievement. Because the certificates can be personalized and custom-designed, they are an excellent choice for any company, organization, or association.

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