Trophies are one of the most recognizable symbols of success. Imagine any popular award event and you’ll likely picture a winner holding a trophy high above his or her head, basking in a moment of glory. This is the image that photographers capture and that the media loves: a brief moment emblematic of ultimate achievement. After the moment is over, the trophy remains as a lasting reminder of its recipient’s success. Trophies are incredibly versatile and can be displayed on nearly any surface, from mantelpieces to desks to showcases. The Award Group creates unique, elegant trophies from a variety of materials including wood, metal, marble, glass, stone, and acrylic.

Suggested uses:

  • Competitions: Film of the Year – The Critics’ Choice Awards
  • Sports Events: Championship – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)


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The Award GroupTM created this piece for a music and entertainment publication that came to us with a very specific request: they wanted a trophy that “screamed” their brand. Despite these somewhat vague instructions, we knew exactly what to do. The essence of the magazine could be captured in the bold, bright red “V” that comprised its logo. We took this “V,” replicated it in thick red acrylic, and placed it on a silver aluminum base which was then personalized to the client’s specifications. By reproducing the logo, we stayed true to their original request and guaranteed that anyone who saw the trophy would immediately think of the publication. The silver base added a touch of elegance while still allowing for a modern appearance.

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American Institute of Architecture

This piece was designed for an architecture organization that desired a trophy considerably modern, yet still elegant. The organization was adamant that we not sacrifice the weight of the piece for the sake of design. Though seemingly difficult, we were able to fulfill these requirements and create a sophisticated trophy with relative ease. This particular trophy was composed of brass and aluminum metal that is both heavy and sleek. The design was significant in carrying through the architectural “feeling of the building”. The design was classic yet personal, with the organization’s logo displayed prominently on the trophy. Ultimately, the weight of the trophy, combined with its design, produced a sense of endurance and timelessness.

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Critic’s Choice Award

The Award Group produced this trophy for a prominent awards show that honors cinematic achievement and is one of the top three awards events in the movie industry. With this in mind, we created an improved award that was particularly cinematic with 4 Stars raising from the base. This trophy was composed of Czechoslovakian crystal and a black glass base. These materials allowed for lightness and slenderness so that the trophy could be held easily by the winner and even lifted above his or her head as trophies often are in classic, cinematic “victory” scenes. The elegant design and reflective crystal created a particularly beautiful effect when the trophies were presented in the bright lights at the award show.

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Universal City

This award was designed to celebrate the acquisition of financing for a now-popular theme park in Florida. The award depicted an image that would be displayed prominently in the park: a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Because the company sponsoring the theme park was concerned with creativity and storytelling, we wanted to design a particularly creative award that told the story of the deal. Thus, our T-Rex was presented biting off a piece of the contract. The figure was contained in a block of Lucite, which we chose because it creates the illusion of water and in the theme park the T-Rex would overhang a waterslide.

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Tribeca Film Festival

This award was commissioned by a company that manufactures prominent luxury cars to be presented at a well-known film festival that they were sponsoring. We manufactured the award to reflect both the company’s brand as well as the creative, unique nature of the festival. The award was executed from the materials found in the company’s cars: wood and metal. We manufactured a monolith with an African walnut wood base and polished aluminum metal body that subtly displayed the company’s logo on either side. Because the piece was so unusual, it was ideal for the festival. It evoked feelings of power, accomplishment, and rareness: this is not the type of award that just anyone receives.

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New York Stock Exchange

The Award Group designed this piece for a stock exchange that wanted to recognize and thank the companies that listed with them. They requested that the piece be unique and impressive – just like the companies that they were honoring. We created this trophy out of the same materials that compose banks: metals that are pristine, bold, and enduring. We crafted the stock exchange’s call letters out of a silver metal and mounted them on a black metal block. The piece was solid, impeccably tailored, and modern. It suggested excellence, precision, strength and stability, adjectives often associated with financial success.

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The Pollie Award

These awards were created for an organization composed of political consultants. They brought the first, glass version to us and asked us to recreate it in an extremely short time frame. Though their budget was limited, we worked with them to complete the project quickly and efficiently. One year later, for the same award ceremony, we were able to design a new, more sophisticated version of the award for the same price. We created a gold-plated cast three dimensional replica of the image on the original award to serve as the body of the trophy, and placed it on an ebonized wood base. This second award proved more impressive and more relevant to an organization that valued skill and originality.

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