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Employees are an organization’s most important assets. Maintaining employee longevity is vital to sustaining a successful and profitable organization. The proper employee recognition program should foster employee loyalty while simultaneously creating a unique brand for your organization.

Sales Recognition

Motivation through recognition! Because salespeople are often competitive, a strong recognition program will urge them to excel beyond their peers. The correct program will boost employee self-esteem, encourage a competitive work environment, and increase your sales!

A sales campaign is to recognize the Top 20% of the sales force and achieve a specific dollar figure.  Your sales goal should be to have 20% of sales force in the top sector

Various other sales awards might include:

  • Sales Campaign
  • Salesperson of the Year
  • Sales team of the Year
  • M.V.P.
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Training and Other Company-Sponsored Program Recognition

Comprehensive training programs should be present within every organization. They educate employees and allow them to acquire the skills needed to succeed in their organization.  Training programs are integral to achieving company goals and those that complete the programs should be recognized. Other company-sponsored programs, including blood drives, workplace safety programs, and charity giving programs, also benefit from employee recognition. Those employees that partake are rewarded for their involvement.  The correct recognition product often prompts others to follow suit and mark the program as worthwhile.

Annual Conferences and Meetings

Most organizations host annual conferences to educate, inform and celebrate the past year’s accomplishments. These conferences typically include at least one gala event that requires special recognitions. Allow The Award Group to design and implement all the recognition needs for your conference and emphasize your company’s brand through our unique, affordable designs.

Length of Service Awards

Length of Service awards demonstrate that corporations value employee loyalty and perseverance. They are an excellent way to maintain employee longevity. The Award Group designs plaques, trophies, embedments and emblematic jewelry to which various dates can be added to represent benchmark years at a company and motivate additional employees.

Examples of such programs include:

  • Five, ten, and twenty-five years of service awards
  • Lifetime achievement awards
  • Recognition for time served as president or C.E.O.
  • Recognition for time served as committee chairman
  • Recognition for retirement

Retirement Recognition

When organizations celebrate employees for their years of service upon retirement, they acknowledge that the employees’ contributions have been significant. This establishes a true sense of worth in both retirees and current employees. The Award Group creates products that retirees can display proudly on any surface or wall. These mementos serve as reminders of the retirees’ former careers and enkindle pride in them. The tokens also inspire greatness for the relatives and friends that behold them.

iService Recognition Presentation

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