Executive and Board of Directors Recognition

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How do you recognize someone who is already highly accomplished and has moved your organization forward in significant ways? We can create the proper Executive/Board of Directors recognition program appropriate to their status and service. Our unique, high-quality recognition products are ideal for any executive or board member and honor their significant contributions.

Executive Recognition

Within any organization there exist people who have achieved esteemed positions and are ultimately responsible for the well being of the organization. These include presidents, C.E.O.s, C.F.O.s, directors, assistant directors, and owners. Such individuals are integral members of companies and organizations and deserve recognition products that reflect their status.

Instances for executive recognition include:

  • Appointment to a position or office
  • Individual accomplishments
  • Group or organization-wide accomplishments
  • Length of Service awards
  • Retirement from a position or office

Board of Directors Recognition

Board members are vital to any organization and are charged with a number of responsibilities, including setting overall direction of the organization, establishing mission statements, setting guidelines for policies and procedures, and acquiring sufficient resources to ensure organization operations. These individuals should always be celebrated for their contributions.

Because many board members have already achieved high levels of competency and received many awards, organizations must present them with something truly unique. For the “person who has everything,” calligraphed, personalized scrolls are an elegant and original way to say “thank you” while documenting their contributions.

Instances for board recognition include:

  • Appointment to a Board of Directors
  • Individual accomplishments
  • Exceptional service awards
  • Length of Service awards
  • Retirement from a Board of Directors
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