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Your members are the nucleus of your organization; its success is directly linked to their personal and professional growth. A successful membership recognition program will not only maintain but also increase your membership. It will create lasting connections with your members, establish their credentials, and promote you as an industry authority.

Membership recognition serves three purposes:

  1. An expression of gratitude: Member recognition establishes true gratitude and between members and their organizations – a sentiment that often generates loyalty.
  2. A lasting reminder: Member recognition products make explicit a member’s qualifications as one that is part of an organization establishing the members credentials within a particular field.
  3. Organizational branding: Recognition items not only celebrate members – they also advertise your organization as the authority of a particular field
  4. Dated recognition: serves as an impediores to continuing ones membership.

Instances for member recognition include:

  • Initial membership with the organization
  • Individual or organization-wide accomplishments
  • Appointment to a position within the organization (i.e. board member, treasurer, director, etc…)
  • Length of Membership awards
  • Retirement from a position within the organization

Length of Membership Awards

Length of Membership awards demonstrate that organizations value member loyalty and perseverance. They are an excellent way to maintain member longevity and increase membership. The Award Group designs plaques, trophies, emblematic jewelry and embedments to which various dates can be added to represent benchmark years at an organization.

Examples of such programs include:

  • Five, ten, and twenty-five years of membership awards
  • Lifetime Membership awards
  • Recognition for time served as president or another executive position
  • Recognition for time served as committee chairman
  • Recognition for retirement
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