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Nominee Recognition programs are an excellent way to acknowledge the accomplishments of the second and third tiers of winners in competitive contests. By recognizing nominees, you improve your standing in the industry while creating a revenue source for your contest. Nominee recognition encourages others to compete by making recognition a more attainable goal – one that is not reserved for only the winner.

Nominee recognition has three proven advantages:

  1. Expanded visibility: By awarding a great number of people, you increase your competition’s visibility and consequently increase participation each year.
  2. Strengthened loyalty: When second and third tier individuals or organizations are recognized for their participation and accomplishments, they will remain loyal to your competition.
  3. Increased revenue: Excess nominee awards can always be sold to fans after the event is completed.

Nomination programs are of a smaller scale than champion programs and are often very affordable. Simple designs serve this purpose well. Several ways to establish a nominee program include:

  • Creating smaller versions of the top award
  • Simple plaques, medallions, or embedments
  • Basic certificates

Regardless of the product, nominees will feel honored and accomplished – and perhaps even forget that they did not win first place! Our nominee recognition programs are unique, effective, and affordable. Let The Award Group’s qualified staff help you make your competition truly exceptional and motivate future participation.

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